The manhattan transfer - route 66

Great service. Felt very comfortable in car while the driver negotiated the NYC traffic. The tolls average about 19 and then there is a tip on top of it. Just be prepared. I believe it was mentioned in the paperwork, but not the amount. Run by CARmel which is a great company.

AND! If you’re in the Chicagoland area and would like to join us on May 31st for what is sure to be an unforgettable night of harmony…   GET YOUR TICKETS HERE !

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With a key, you unlock a door to imagination
Beyond it is another dimension
A dimension of sight
A dimension of sound
A dimension of mind

You're moving through a land of both shadow and substance
Of things and ideas
Guiding you through this wondrous journey
Is the hypnotic sound of the twilight tone

When I hear this melody
This strange illusion takes over me
Through a tunnel of the mind
Perhaps a present or future time oh, oh
Out of nowhere comes this sound
This melody that keeps spinning 'round & 'round
Pyramidal locomotion
From a mystic unknown zone

Hearin' the twilight
Hearin' the twilight, twilight tone

Unpretentious girl from Memphis
Saw the future through her third eye
People came with skepticism
Picking, testing her precision, no, wo, oh, oh
Suddenly they heard this sound
This melody that keeps spinning 'round & 'round
A signpost up ahead is calling
Through the mystic unknown zone

Hearin' the twilight
Twilight swept away, feelin' the rhythm
Hearin' the twilight
Twilight swept away, ba da, loo da, ba da loo da
Hearin' the twilight
Twilight tone

Submitted for your approval. One Mr. Miller, who's about
To take a trip into oddness and obsolescene, through a
Zone whose boundaries are that of imagination
Accompanying him on this journey is the mesmerizing
Sound of the Twilight Tone

On a cold & rainy night
One Mister Miller had a rare flight
Glen was up there boppin' a rhythm
Then the engine stopped to listen with him
Play that beat, oh, oh
Suddenly he heard this sound
This melody that keeps spinning 'round & 'round
Now he resides and plays trombone
In the mystic unknown zone

Hearin' the twilight (repeat many times)
(Hearin' the twilight)

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Two of history's greatest vocal groups have joined forces for a unique and thrilling musical collaboration. The jazzy Manhattan Transfer quartet celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. The gospel-infused Take 6 sextet came together 37 years ago at Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. Both groups get to perform separately, showing off the harmonic interplay that has won them eight Grammy Awards apiece. They also sing nearly a dozen songs together in a dazzling display of the pinnacle of vocal arts. The genuine respect and love the singers have for one another shines through, making each concert a joyous event for performers and audience alike.

The Manhattan Transfer - Route 66The Manhattan Transfer - Route 66The Manhattan Transfer - Route 66The Manhattan Transfer - Route 66